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February 11, 2021

Phishing (not the leisurely kind)

An overview on phishing scams

Phishing is probably one of the most common types of cyber attack that exists, it is a practice that goes back to the dawn of the internet. The goal? to get you to click on a link so that the scammer/hacker can execute the malpractice of their choosing. Still practiced to this day, this type of cyber attack is portrayed in nostalgic films where a character might be browsing the web and land on a page telling them that they have just won a million pounds.

Now in 2020 phishing has become a whole different story, some of these elaborate phishing techniques are becoming so efficient at what they were designed for that a large number of people still fall victim to this modern method of crime. Just how efficient is this method nowadays?

48% of malicious phishing email attachments are Office files

94% of malware was delivered via phishing emails

32% of breaches involve phishing

70% of breaches associated with a nation-state or state-affiliated actors involved phishing

90% of incidences and breaches included a phishing element

Anyone can fall victim to this type of crime, there are tools and methods out there that can help you reduce the chance of a breach but to the untrained individual this could appear to be overwhelming. We recommend that you get in touch with an IT management company who is dedicated to helping you manage and maintain your IT systems. We highly recommend

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