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What is Zero Trust?

Zero trust is a type of cyber security model that takes the belief that everyhting behind your firewall is safe, the Zero Trust model assumes breach and verifies each request as if it came from an uncontrolled network. It doesn't matter where the request came from or what data it accesses, the Zero Trust model goes down the route of never trust, always verify. The Zero Trust approach should be used throuought your entire infrastructure and should serve as a security policy that your company lives by.

In most companies the Zero Trust model is now the top secuirty priority, in a report published by Microsoft they state that "96 percent of security decision-makers state that Zero Trust is critical to their organization’s success." When these organisations were asked what the top reasons for adopting Zer Trust was they explained that since implementing this way of life they have reported an increase in security, compliance agility, speed of threat detection, remediation adn simplicity in the availability of security analytics.

With COVID-19 unfortunately in our recent history, it has shifted the wrold to a new way of working. Since the pandeminc many companies are favourably adopting the hybrid work model, Zero Trust will be critical to help and maintain security in this new way of working where people are taking their work home.

There is no one size fits all solution with Zero Trust, you have to get a clear understanindg of how your different security policies are in relation to each other ansd start where you think that there is the least security.

To get a batter understanding of this Zer trust method and how it is helping organisations stay safe, we have attached a report made by Microsoft.

If you need help implementing Zero Trust within your organsiation please do reach out.

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