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Microsoft 365 Security

Our security service includes the management of systems and application software updates (For example Windows updates are done through Windows 10 Update Rings through the Intune Endpoint Manager). We maintain the firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, malware protection and content filtering systems. To ensure a safe and secure environment we manage and work within the guidelines provided by Microsoft and in turn aim to improve your businesses Microsoft Secure Score this includes setting up features such as Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), device encryption and other security recommendations made by Microsoft.  
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Microsoft Integrated Security delivers an intelligent, unified enterprise defense solution that provides comprehensive protection against attacks. Microsoft Integrated Security takes a holistic approach to securing your organisation’s IT and data environment across 4 key vectors: identity & access management, protection against threats, safeguarding of data at-rest and in-transit, and comprehensive visibility and control over your security eco-system.

Help your businesses stay safe with the Microsoft 365 Security service

Key security pains that your organisation faces everyday

How do you protect my employees from phishing?
How do you enable a mobile, WFH workforce?
How do you give employees the right access while keeping hackers at bay?
How do you safeguard confidential business data?

We can help you solve all the headaches above with Microsoft Security, below we have compiled some information as to how it will help you keep your business safe.

How we will keep you safe with M365 Security

Defend against threats

We can protect you against phishing, ransomware, malware, and other advanced threats with features that:

- Check links at time of click to combat advanced phishing.
- Detect malware with sandbox analysis of email attachments.
- Enable anti-phishing policies that use machine learning.
- Enable advanced multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access.
- Enforce features that help protect Windows 10 devices.

Protect business data

ARVITENI will work with you to control who has access to sensitive information. We can:

- Encrypt sensitive emails
- Block sharing of sensitive information like credit card numbers  
- Restrict copying and saving of confidential business information
- Enable unlimited cloud archiving

Azure Information Protection (AIP) keeps you safe

Azure Information Protection helps your organisation to classify, protect your documents and emails, either by restricting the ability to forward and print, or by applying labels. The restrictions and protections stay with the files and emails regardless of the location. Even if the file is emailed outside the company, or saved to an employee’s personal computer, you remain in control of your data.

Easily secure and manage your devices

We can manage the security of the devices that access your business information. ARVITENI can help you:

- Control which devices and users can access business information
- Apply security policies to protect data on iOS and Android devices
- Keep company data within approved apps on mobile devices
- Remove business data from lost or stolen devices with selective wipe
- Support for Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has competitive advantage in Security

Intelligent Security Management

Cyber threats are becoming more of a reality each day for all organisations. A security breach is especially threatening for SMBs because it can put beneficiaries at risk, disrupt operations and services, expose the organisation to liability, and tarnish your reputation. SMBs are becoming more aware of their security vulnerability, yet many are unsure how to move forward. So our role as a provider may involve cybersecurity education and strategy, as well as implementation dependent on your needs.

Reasons you may not have the security you need.

Security is too complex

While a large number of SMBs may not have in-house IT departments, that doesn’t mean you can’t implement comprehensive security. As a managed service provider we can radically reduce complexity while also providing strong protection.

Security is too expensive

SMBs typically spend about 15% of their budget on security or £933.44/user annually. To increase protection, you don’t need to necessarily increase IT budget we can help adjust how you are spending your money and we always aim to lower your outgoings.

Security is not a priority

SMBs that deal with confidential information  whether they are financial, health care, or humanitarian services have the same accountability to secure data as big enterprises, so need enterprise-level protections.

With Microsoft Security we can help protect you from

Why have ARVITENI manage your security?

Secure you business

Elevate your customer’s security profile by upselling Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Earn differentiated partner incentives through selling premium product

Reduce operational costs

Reduce deployment, management and support cost with a seamless security solution that can build on top of your existing practice

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IT services don't need to be complicated to understand, so we have broken ours down keeping business IT management simple.

Our IT management service is designed to be a full support package that incorporates a management solution to cover your hardware, software, network and security needs. When we manage your businesses IT we aim to always lower existing costs, streamline your processes, make your system safer and work more efficiently for you.

Support desk
Unlimited tickets, jargon free support, fast resolution times, customer satisfaction

Hardware Management
PC's, network hardware, backup storage devices, printers, scanners, electronic whiteboards etc... Hardware will be purchased in accordance with your overall information technology strategy.

Software Management
Planning, implementation, time management, budget and support
Software will be purchased in accordance with your information technology stratergy.

Network Management
Administering and managing computer networks, fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining quality of service.

We asses risks, identify security threats and reduce vulnerability.

Unlimited tickets
Unlimited tickets, jargon free support, fast resolution times, customer satisfaction

Global coverage
Our support team is available to your employees wherever they may be in the world.

Quality service
Customer satisfaction driven, you can be assured that your business will always get the best of our technicians knowledge to  help with any problems you may come across.

Tailored processes
We tailor the experience to you, whether it be by calling or e-mailing you will always have the choice of how you are helped.

Staff productivity
With more technical queries being submitted, your workforce's productivity will increase, no more projects being held back because something doesn't work on your devices.

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