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Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform can be used modernise your processes by removing the barriers that keep ideas from turning into apps. With Power Apps, we can add business value by quickly and securely developing innovative apps to reduce inefficiencies and solve business challenges.
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Power Apps connect apps to your data with the click of a button so you’re always ready to act on new insights, all without compromising your security, governance and compliance standards.

We can help your businesses take off with Microsoft Power Platform

We work with your team to create solutions that accelerate the business. The Microsoft Power Platform allows us to work together to solve your business challenges effectively by analysing data, building solutions, automating processes, and creating virtual agents.

Benefits of Power Apps

We can build apps without risk

Power Automate allows us to clear the way for innovation by empowering your first line workers and business users by developing apps that improve processes without compromising your security and compliance standards.

Simplify app development, without constraints

We can streamline app development with your non-technical team members and with the out-of-the-box components offered we can offer you limitless customisation options.

Deploy quickly, add value continuously

Launch working apps in a fraction of the time with a platform designed for agile deployment, we can deliver value fast and continuously evolve features to further benefit your business.

Integrate data

We create business apps that act on the data you collect and use every day, capture new data directly, integrate data from hundreds of sources.

Infuse AI to add powerful in-app intelligence

Automate manual processes with AI-infused app components that allow your business to leverage built-in intelligence and discover actionable insights with a simple point-and-click.

60% of all occupations have at least 30% technically automatable activities.

Together the Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps and build end-to-end business solutions.

Powerful alone, better together

Power BI

ARVITENI can assist you in making informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands. We can gain insights from your data regardless of where it lives with Power BI

- Connect to all your data and get a consolidated view across your business through a single pane of glass.
- Create ad-hoc analysis, live dashboards and interactive reports that are easy to consume on the web and across mobile devices.
- Build smart apps by infusing insights from your data and drive action with the power of the Power platform.

Power Apps

We can turn ideas into solutions by enabling and empowering your team with custom built apps that solve business challenges. Get the head start on your competitors that you need.

- With built in intelligence. Outpace competitors by easily infusing your process automation with AI. Leverage predictions directly from Common Data Service across your Power Platform solutions, Dynamics  365 or Microsoft 365.

Power Automate

ARVITENI can help boost business productivity and get more done by giving your team the resources and ability to automate organisational processes. We can automate and integrate business processes with Power Automate. With Power Automate we can:

- Automate and model business processes across your apps and services
- Create simple automations to advanced scenarios with branches, loops, and more
- Trigger actions, grant approvals, and get notifications right where you work
- Automate legacy, on-prem and cloud-based applications and services

Power Virtual Agents

We can easily build chat bots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees. Let us build powerful virtual agents with Power Virtual Agents. With these virtual agents we can work with your team to create:

- Powerful virtual agents.
- Enable the virtual agent to take action on the customer’s behalf. We can easily integrate your virtual agent with hundreds of services and systems out of the box or create custom workflows.
- We can keep an eye on how your virtual agent is performing by using conversational metrics and dashboards. Get in-depth AI-driven insights to improve bot performance.

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IT services don't need to be complicated to understand, so we have broken ours down keeping business IT management simple.

Our IT management service is designed to be a full support package that incorporates a management solution to cover your hardware, software, network and security needs. When we manage your businesses IT we aim to always lower existing costs, streamline your processes, make your system safer and work more efficiently for you.

Support desk
Unlimited tickets, jargon free support, fast resolution times, customer satisfaction

Hardware Management
PC's, network hardware, backup storage devices, printers, scanners, electronic whiteboards etc... Hardware will be purchased in accordance with your overall information technology strategy.

Software Management
Planning, implementation, time management, budget and support
Software will be purchased in accordance with your information technology stratergy.

Network Management
Administering and managing computer networks, fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining quality of service.

We asses risks, identify security threats and reduce vulnerability.

Unlimited tickets
Unlimited tickets, jargon free support, fast resolution times, customer satisfaction

Global coverage
Our support team is available to your employees wherever they may be in the world.

Quality service
Customer satisfaction driven, you can be assured that your business will always get the best of our technicians knowledge to  help with any problems you may come across.

Tailored processes
We tailor the experience to you, whether it be by calling or e-mailing you will always have the choice of how you are helped.

Staff productivity
With more technical queries being submitted, your workforce's productivity will increase, no more projects being held back because something doesn't work on your devices.

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