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Microsoft Teams

When you need to get things done, chat and instant messaging help you to work more effectively. Instant messaging or chat is ideal if you need to check something with a colleague or ask a quick question. You can also have a group discussion, to get everyone's input.
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With employees accessing unsanctioned SaaS applications, dozens of ways to share files, and multiple communication channels, the modern workplace presents many challenges for teamwork. The good news is that you may already have the solution: Microsoft Teams!

Help your businesses take off with Microsoft Teams

With Teams, you can give your team built-in access to everything they need right in Microsoft 365. Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one workspace. Enjoy instant access to SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and Power BI. Create and edit documents right in Microsoft Teams. Speed employee onboarding with persistent conversations and instant access to files. Search across people, files, and chats within one hub for teamwork.

Maintain productivity, no matter where you work

Microsoft Teams helps your teams to continually share documents, status updates, and more, so you can all stay connected and up to date with each other, whether you're at your desk, or on the go using your mobile device. Collaboration isn't limited to your organization, Teams enables you to work together with anyone outside your organization in the same way. Users can access Microsoft Teams through their internet browser, or by installing Microsoft Teams on their computer or mobile device. Features and functionalities Microsoft Teams comes with many features and functionalities to help your users to connect and work together.

Communicate and collaborate

Microsoft Teams has multiple features and the responsiveness you need to enable remote work. Communicate easily and keep your team in the know. Quickly access your favorite apps

- Threaded, persistent, and contextual chat
- Private chats for 1:1 or group conversations
- Shareinformation in an open and transparent way
- Communicate across geographies
- Humanize the workplace – with gifs, stickers and emojis
- Access conversations, files, and tools in a team workspace
- Share and co-author files in the app
- Leverage SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, and Planner integration
- Search across people, files, and chats
- Keep the whole team updated with email integration

Empower teams across your organisation

Microsoft Teams is flexible enough for any team or department to use for project collaboration. You can tailor your workspace to include apps and services your team needs.

- Pin important files for easy reference in the workspace
- Add bots that work on your team’s behalf
- Integrate 3rd party services your team uses daily
- Build integrations into existing business processes
- Manage trusted apps for employees and your organization

Work with confidence

Get built-in security, compliance, and manageability from Microsoft 365

- Global hyper-scale cloud, including the ability for local data residency
- Compliance leadership with EUMC, HIPAA, and more
- Built-in information protection with eDiscovery and audit
- Multi-factor authentication and secure guest access
- Manage all aspects in a single coherent admin experience

Empowering remote work across your organisation


Strategise, share, and collaborate in real-time to coordinate go-to-market activities and deliver campaigns to internal and external stakeholders.


Write and share proposals easily online with team members and key stakeholders. Manage sales planning, training, and sales readiness all in one place.

Microsoft Teams helps you to reinvent the meeting life cycle and work more efficiently at every step. From scheduling to follow-up, when you are busy it can be difficult to manage everything. Teams saves you time and empowers you to get more done. Teams provides rich functionality in every department:


Seamlessly gather and report on financial performance data in one place with integrated apps and sharing features.

Human Resources

Manage resources across your organisation for recruitment, training, and reviews with quick access to file sharing and control settings.


Move quickly between ideation, development, and deployment with integrated developer tools.

Project Management

Digitally manage project stakeholders, tools, budgets, project reviews, and feedback.

IT services don't need to be complicated to understand, so we have broken ours down keeping business IT management simple.

Our IT management service is designed to be a full support package that incorporates a management solution to cover your hardware, software, network and security needs. When we manage your businesses IT we aim to always lower existing costs, streamline your processes, make your system safer and work more efficiently for you.

Support desk
Unlimited tickets, jargon free support, fast resolution times, customer satisfaction

Hardware Management
PC's, network hardware, backup storage devices, printers, scanners, electronic whiteboards etc... Hardware will be purchased in accordance with your overall information technology strategy.

Software Management
Planning, implementation, time management, budget and support
Software will be purchased in accordance with your information technology stratergy.

Network Management
Administering and managing computer networks, fault analysis, performance management, provisioning of networks and maintaining quality of service.

We asses risks, identify security threats and reduce vulnerability.

Unlimited tickets
Unlimited tickets, jargon free support, fast resolution times, customer satisfaction

Global coverage
Our support team is available to your employees wherever they may be in the world.

Quality service
Customer satisfaction driven, you can be assured that your business will always get the best of our technicians knowledge to  help with any problems you may come across.

Tailored processes
We tailor the experience to you, whether it be by calling or e-mailing you will always have the choice of how you are helped.

Staff productivity
With more technical queries being submitted, your workforce's productivity will increase, no more projects being held back because something doesn't work on your devices.

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