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Our service desk is always open, we aim to help you resolve any of your problems in a timely manner. With user experience at the heart of what we do, you will always be greeted warmly and with jargon free explanations. We want to help you do your job the most efficiently possible with as little downtime as possible.

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Service Desk Features

With the service desk being an essential tool for your company to have access to it is important to understand exactly what you get when you opt for the ARVITENI Service Desk.
Global Coverage
The ARVITENI Service Desk is available to your employees wherever they may be in the world, we will help solve issues wherever they may be.
Quality Service
Customer satisfaction driven, you can be assured that your business will always get the best of our technicians knowledge to  help with any problems you may come across
Enhanced User Experience
With our Service Desk we are here to help your business and employees have a worry free experience with their technical faults
Processes tailored to you
With the ARVITENI Service Desk we tailor the experience to you, whether it be by calling or e-mailing you will always have the choice of how you are helped
Boost workforce productivity
With more technical queries being submitted, your workforce's productivity will sky-rocket, instead of them holding back on a project because they don't have the technical knowledge to execute it
Cost efficient solution
A huge upside to outsourcing to the ARVITENI Service Desk, is the savings you will make as a business whether that be in terms of IT staff hiring, training or reducing technical query time.

Contact Information

a: First Floor Suite, Shire Hall, High Pavement, Nottingham, NG1 1HN
p: 07754218688

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