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In an ever-evolving digital landscape, we are your all-in-one solution for all your IT needs.
Our team of experts simplifies technology, continuously innovating and improving your business processes.
We are more than an IT company, we are your strategic partner for digital success.
Why Us?

Embrace the future of IT Management & Support

Our focus is on delivering unparalleled value to your business. By choosing us as your Managed Service Provider, you're not just outsourcing your IT needs - you're making an investment in the long-term growth and efficiency of your business
Access to Expertise: Leverage our vast pool of IT specialists and advanced knowledge without in-house constraints.
Cost Savings: Enjoy reduced and controlled IT costs with our services, replacing the financial burden of an in-house team
Scalability: Experience flexible, scalable IT support that grows with your business needs.
Proactive IT Management: Benefit from our continuous system monitoring, preemptively addressing issues before they disrupt your operations.
Security & Compliance: Rest easy knowing we prioritize cybersecurity and ensure you meet industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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What's included?

Everything you need to know about our packages
Partially Included

Basic Support


/per user

Comprehensive Support


/per user

Helpdesk & Support

Device Management

Network & Infrastructure

Cyber Security Services

Software & Licensing Procurement

Microsoft Services Management

E-mail & Communication Management

Content, Compliance, and Data Protection

Backup & Recovery Services

Marketing & Advertising

Threat Intelligence & Reporting



/per user



/per user

Comprehensive Support


/per user


Network Monitoring


E-mail Security

Device Management

Cyber Security Management

Advanced Threat Protection

Managed E-mail Signatures

M365 Backups (Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Mailboxes)


M365 Management

Cyber Essentials Guarantee

SharePoint Permission Management

Security Awareness Training

Phishing Simulation

Regular Pentests

AI Recipient Validation

IT Strategy Reviews

Regular Catch Up Sessions

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What's included?

Everything you need to know about the service
Helpdesk Support
Our Helpdesk Support service, where we provide "Unlimited Tickets". This offering is designed to address and resolve your issues promptly and efficiently, with the service framework strictly defined within the parameters of your chosen support package.

Unlimited Queries within Support Package: You are free to raise as many queries or report as many issues as you need. However, please note that the issues or queries should fall within the scope of the chosen support package. Our helpdesk team will promptly address each one to ensure your operations continue smoothly.

Support Availability: To ensure we deliver top-notch and timely service, our dedicated support team is available from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5:30 PM. You can reach out to us during these hours for immediate assistance.

Prompt and Timely Responses: We understand the value of your time. Regardless of the volume of tickets raised, each ticket receives individual attention, with prompt responses and quick resolution being our top priority.

Customized Attention: Each ticket you raise receives individual attention, and our support solutions are tailored to address your specific problems, ensuring personalized and effective service.

Issue Variability: We welcome a wide range of issues, from minor glitches to major bugs or information requests. However, it's crucial to note that the issues should align with the services specified in your support package.

Continuous Support: As part of your support package, you have continuous access to our helpdesk support throughout the validity of your package. We are committed to providing you with consistent, high-quality support.

Our Helpdesk Support service with Unlimited Tickets assures you of our constant backing, focusing on swift issue resolution and maximum user satisfaction. Please remember to check the details of your support package for the range of issues covered.
Hardware, Endpoint, Asset Management & Device Warranties
This comprehensive service is designed to simplify and secure your IT infrastructure while optimising device functionality.

Hardware Management: With this service, we handle all aspects of your hardware infrastructure. We assist with procurement, installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring your hardware performs optimally. Our team of experts is available to troubleshoot any issues, providing quick solutions to minimize downtime.

Endpoint Management: This aspect of our service focuses on managing all endpoint devices connected to your network, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. We implement robust security protocols, carry out necessary software updates, and ensure all devices comply with your company's IT policies. Our primary goal is to protect your network from potential threats while promoting seamless device integration and operation.

Asset Management: Our asset management service gives you a complete overview of your IT assets, helping you understand what you have, where it is, and how it’s being used. This includes tracking hardware, software licenses, and other IT assets throughout their lifecycle. Our solution assists with strategic decision-making, enables efficient resource allocation, and helps ensure compliance with software licensing agreements.

Device Warranties: We understand the importance of safeguarding your investments. That's why we manage your device warranties for you. From keeping track of warranty periods and terms to handling warranty claims and coordinating repairs or replacements, we take care of it all. This service takes the burden off your shoulders, ensuring your devices are always covered and any issues are promptly addressed.

Our comprehensive solution offers an all-in-one package to streamline and secure your IT environment. By trusting us with your Hardware, Endpoint, Asset Management, and Device Warranties, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.
Network& Infrastructure Management
Our offering is meticulously crafted to ensure the efficient operation of your IT infrastructure, enabling your organisation to function at its utmost efficiency.

Network Management: Our service includes comprehensive supervision, maintenance, and enhancement of your business network. We manage all network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and more, constantly monitoring performance to quickly rectify potential issues. Tasks such as provisioning, routing, and IP address management are handled by our team, ensuring a secure, reliable, and efficient network.

Infrastructure Management: The very heart of your business is your IT infrastructure. Our dedicated team ensures this heart remains robust through comprehensive management of your servers, storage systems, and software systems. Regular system updates, implementation of security protocols, and optimisation of system performance are part of our commitment to seamless business operations.

Proactive Monitoring: We employ cutting-edge tools for continuous monitoring of your network and infrastructure, detecting and resolving issues before they escalate and impact your business operations.

Scalability: As your organisation grows, so will your network and infrastructure needs. Our services are designed to expand with your business, ensuring that you always have the appropriate IT resources to support your operations without incurring unnecessary expenditure.

Disaster Recovery: Recognising that each minute of downtime can be costly, we have robust disaster recovery plans ready. These are tailored to your business's Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for every service, ensuring quick recovery and minimal disruption in the event of system failure or data loss. To create these bespoke plans, itis vital that we liaise directly with department heads and those who must remain online at all times. This will ensure we can shape a strategy that directly addresses the core services' needs and enables a more effective response.

By choosing our Network & Infrastructure Management service, you can have peace of mind that your IT operations are managed effectively and efficiently, leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.
Cyber Security and Score Management
We have designed our services with a proactive approach that intends to strengthen your digital security, protect your data, and augment your overall cybersecurity posture, specifically within the framework of Microsoft 365 (M365).

Cybersecurity Management: Our specialised team offers extensive cybersecurity services intended to defend your M365 environment from diverse threats. This involves deploying robust firewalls, performing regular updates and patches, ensuring secure configurations, and executing strong intrusion detection and prevention systems. We conduct internal audits and vulnerability assessments at our discretion to pinpoint potential areas of concern and initiate prompt corrective measures. Please note that these audits are for our team's internal use, and may not contain data beneficial to the client. Our aim, through continuous monitoring within the limits of the available M365 service logs, is to secure your digital assets and maintain undisrupted operations.

Secure Score Management: Your Secure Score within M365 is a crucial indicator of your organisation's security posture. We aid you in enhancing and sustaining this score by implementing security configurations following best practices, carrying out regular security reviews, and addressing identified issues without delay. Periodic updates and reports about your Secure Score allow you to comprehend your security status at any given time, thereby facilitating informed decisions.

Exposure Score Management: Your Exposure Score, a M365-specific metric, represents the potential risk your organisation carries with respect to cybersecurity threats. Our service concentrates on managing and reducing this score through rigorous risk assessments, proactive threat hunting, and the establishment of suitable security controls. Regular patching of your systems and the phasing out of obsolete software contribute to decreasing your exposure to potential threats. Through these services, our objective is to deliver a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity within yourM365 environment. This not only safeguards you from threats but also encourages a culture of cybersecurity awareness within your organisation. Allow us the responsibility of securing your digital landscape, so you are free to focus on your core business objectives.
Cyber Essentials Review
Our Cyber Essentials Review service, specifically designed to strengthen your organization's cybersecurity framework and to ensure your defences align with industry best practices. The Cyber Essentials Review service evaluates your organization's cybersecurity measures in line with the five technical control themes outlined in the Cyber Essentials scheme, which include:

Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways: We review your existing firewall configurations and internet gateways to ensure they provide robust protection against external threats, effectively preventing unauthorized access.

Secure Configuration: Our team will assess the current setup of your systems and applications to ensure that they are configured securely, thereby minimizing the risk of potential vulnerabilities.

Access Control: We'll review your user access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your systems, thus safeguarding your sensitive data and information.

Malware Protection: As part of the review, we evaluate your antivirus and antimalware solutions to ensure they are adequate, up-to-date, and functioning correctly to guard against malicious software.

Patch Management: Our team will assess your current patch management processes to ensure that security patches are applied promptly, keeping your systems updated and protected against known vulnerabilities.

The Cyber Essentials Review service provides a comprehensive overview of your cybersecurity posture and identifies areas for improvement. The goal is to ensure you meet the Cyber Essentials requirements, providing your organization with a base level of protection and helping to protect it from many common cyber threats. By availing of our Cyber Essentials Review service, you demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity, not only to your team but also to your clients, partners, and regulators.
Licence & Software Procurement
Our License & Software Procurement service. This comprehensive solution is designed to manage all your software licensing needs, ensuring your business operates legally and efficiently, without overstretching your budget.

Software Procurement: Procuring the right software for your business can be a complex task given the range of options available in the market. We simplify this process by recommending and procuring software that best suits your business needs. Our experts will analyse your requirements, identify suitable software solutions, negotiate with vendors, and ensure the software is correctly installed and configured.

License Management: Ensuring your business complies with software licensing terms can be a challenging process. Our License Management service manages this for you. We keep track of your software licenses, ensure they are up to date, and maintain compliance with all licensing agreements. This eliminates the risk of legal complications due to non-compliance.

Budget Optimization: Our service helps you avoid overspending on unnecessary licenses or under-licensing that could lead to legal issues. We work closely with you to understand your business requirements, ensuring you procure the right number of licenses to meet your needs without excessive expenditure.

Renewal and Upgrades: We manage license renewals and software upgrades for you, ensuring you always have access to the latest, most secure versions of your software. We will notify you ahead of renewals, manage the renewal process, and handle any software upgrades required.

Vendor Relationships: With our established relationships with various software vendors, we can often secure better pricing and terms than you could achieve independently.

We handle all vendor communications, saving you time and effort. By trusting us with your License & Software Procurement, you can concentrate on what truly matters – growing your business. Our team will handle the complexities of software procurement and licensing, providing you with peace of mind and more time to focus on your core operations.
Hardware Procurement
Our Hardware Procurement Service, designed to seamlessly equip your business with the technology necessary to drive your operations and achieve your objectives.

Hardware Selection: Choosing the right hardware for your business can be a complex task, considering the multitude of options available in the market. Our expert team will analyse your business needs, provide recommendations, and procure the most suitable hardware, such as servers, desktops, laptops, networking equipment, and peripherals, to meet your unique requirements.

Vendor Relationships: Leveraging our established relationships with top hardware manufacturers and distributors, we're able to secure competitive pricing and advantageous terms for your business. We handle all communications and negotiations with vendors, saving you time and effort.

Deployment and Configuration: Once the hardware is procured, our team will handle the setup and configuration, ensuring that all equipment is installed correctly and optimized for your specific environment. This ensures a smooth integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Lifecycle Management: We manage the entire lifecycle of your hardware assets, from procurement and deployment to maintenance and eventual decommissioning. We also monitor your hardware to identify when upgrades or replacements are necessary, thereby preventing potential disruptions in your operations.

Warranty Management: We keep track of warranties for all procured hardware. This includes knowing when warranties are due to expire and handling any necessary warranty claims on your behalf. This ensures that your equipment is always covered and issues are addressed promptly.

Our Hardware Procurement Service eliminates the challenges of managing your own hardware purchases and deployments. By allowing us to handle your hardware needs, you can focus on your core business activities, safe in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is in expert hands.
Mobile Phone Contract Management
Our Mobile Phone Contract Management service, designed to simplify and optimize your company's mobile communication strategy while ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance.

Contract Negotiation and Management: Our team takes charge of negotiating contracts with mobile service providers to get the best plans and rates that align with your business needs. We handle all aspects of contract management, including initiation, execution, renewal, and termination. Our aim is to secure flexible contracts that cater to your evolving business needs while ensuring cost efficiency.

User Management: We manage the assignment of mobile phones and contracts to your employees. This includes activating new lines, deactivating old ones, and transferring lines when necessary. We ensure all changes are reflected in the contracts and manage any implications that may arise from these changes.

Billing Analysis and Dispute Resolution: We analyse your monthly bills to ensure they are accurate and reflect your contracted rates. If discrepancies are identified, we liaise directly with the service providers to resolve these disputes on your behalf.

Device Procurement and Upgrade Management: Our service includes procurement of mobile devices and managing upgrades. We ensure that your employees have the most suitable devices for their roles and that upgrades are handled efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Policy Compliance: We help enforce your company's mobile usage policies to ensure compliance. This includes monitoring usage to identify any policy breaches and taking appropriate action to address them.

Cost Control: Our team keeps track of your mobile expenditure to identify cost-saving opportunities. This could involve negotiating better rates with service providers, managing data usage, or identifying and eliminating unnecessary lines.

Our Mobile Phone Contract Management service ensures your mobile communication needs are handled professionally and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on your core business operations.
Microsoft 365 Management
Our M365 Management service, designed to enhance your productivity and collaboration while ensuring your organization leverages the full benefits of the Microsoft 365 suite.

License Management: Managing M365 licenses can be complex, especially for growing businesses. We simplify this process by handling your license procurement, allocation, and compliance, ensuring you have the right licenses for your needs without overspending on unused licenses.

Administration and User Support: Our expert team handles the administration of your M365environment, including user setup, permissions, and group policies. We're also available to provide end-user support, helping resolve any M365-related issues quickly to minimize disruption to your operations.

Security Management: We implement robust security measures to protect your M365 environment. This includes setting up and managing Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), configuring secure access with multi-factor authentication (MFA), and regularly reviewing and adjusting security settings to protect your data.

Data Management: Our service includes managing your data within the M365 environment, including emails, files, and SharePoint data. We ensure your data is organized, accessible, and protected with regular backups and recovery protocols.

Compliance and Governance: We help your organization stay compliant with industry regulations by implementing necessary data governance and compliance features available inM365. This includes data retention policies, information protection policies, and more.

Our M365 Management service ensures you're getting the most from your Microsoft 365 suite. By managing the complexities of M365, we allow you to focus on what's most important: driving your business forward.
Exchange Online Management
Our Exchange Online Management service, a solution designed to streamline your business communications and collaborations using Microsoft's powerful cloud-based email platform.

Mailbox Management: Our team takes charge of managing your Exchange Online mailboxes. This includes setting up new mailboxes, assigning appropriate permissions, managing mailbox sizes, and ensuring seamless synchronization across all your devices.

Security and Compliance: We focus on safeguarding your email communication with robust security protocols, such as implementing Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) against malware and phishing attacks. We also help manage compliance requirements by setting up data loss prevention policies, email encryption, and archiving in accordance with your industry's regulations.

Migration and Setup: Whether you're transitioning from an on-premises server or another email platform, our team will handle the migration process to Exchange Online. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Support and Troubleshooting: Our service includes prompt and responsive support for any issues related to Exchange Online. Whether it's resolving connectivity issues, handling bounce-backs, or assisting with email retrieval, our expert team is ready to help.

Training: We provide training to your staff on how to leverage the full capabilities of Exchange Online, including how to use advanced features like shared calendars, task management, and more. This helps your team maximize productivity and collaboration.

Calendar and Contact Management: We assist in managing shared calendars, scheduling resources, and synchronizing contacts, providing an integrated approach to business communication and scheduling.

Our Exchange Online Management service is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your email communication is in capable hands. By managing the complexities of Exchange Online, we allow you to focus on what truly matters - your core business operations.
SharePoint Management
Our SharePoint Online Management service, designed to facilitate efficient collaboration and seamless document management for your business using Microsoft's cloud-based platform.

Site Setup and Configuration: Our expert team will design, set up, and configure SharePoint Online sites tailored to your business needs. This includes creating team sites, communication sites, and intranet portals that facilitate effective collaboration and information sharing across your organization.

Permissions and Security Management: We ensure that access to your SharePoint Online resources is secure and controlled. Our team manages user permissions, groups, and access rights, ensuring that sensitive data is appropriately protected and only accessible to authorized individuals.

Content and Document Management: We oversee the management of your content and documents on SharePoint Online. This includes setting up document libraries, implementing version control, and managing metadata to ensure your content is well-organized and easily retrievable.

Workflow Automation: Leveraging the capabilities of SharePoint Online, we help automate your business processes by creating custom workflows. This streamlines tasks such as document approvals, data collection, and notification processes, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Support: Our service includes comprehensive support for any issues related to SharePoint Online.

Integration with Other Microsoft Services: We ensure SharePoint Online integrates seamlessly with your existing M365 tools like Teams, Power Automate, and more, to create a cohesive digital workspace.

By entrusting us with your SharePoint Online Management, you can focus on what truly matters – your business. Our team will handle the complexities of SharePoint, providing you with a secure, organized, and collaborative digital environment.
Microsoft 365 Defender Management
Our Microsoft 365 Defender Management service, meticulously designed to provide comprehensive security for your digital environment, leveraging Microsoft's advanced threat protection capabilities.

Integrated Security Management: Our service brings together all of Microsoft's key security solutions, including Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps under one unified platform.

Threat Detection and Response: We monitor your environment 24/7 for potential threats using the powerful detection capabilities of Microsoft 365 Defender. When a threat is identified, our team swiftly responds, investigating and mitigating the threat to prevent any harm to your systems and data.

Proactive Threat Hunting: Beyond automated threat detection, our team conducts proactive threat hunting. Utilizing the advanced tools in Microsoft 365 Defender, we can identify indicators of attacks and hidden threats before they can cause damage.

Incident Management: In the event of a security incident, our team will handle the entire process from investigation to remediation. We track and resolve security incidents while providing you with detailed reports of the incident and actions taken.
Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection Management
Our Microsoft Defender ATP(Advanced Threat Protection) Management service, expertly designed to safeguard your endpoints from complex cybersecurity threats, leveraging Microsoft's powerful security solution.

Endpoint Security Management: Our team manages the deployment and configuration of Microsoft Defender ATP across all your endpoints. This ensures comprehensive protection, detecting, preventing, and responding to threats on every device connected to your network.

Threat Detection and Response: We leverage the power of Microsoft Defender ATP's sophisticated threat detection capabilities to monitor your environment continuously. In the event of a detected threat, our team swiftly responds with appropriate remediation actions to mitigate potential harm.

Vulnerability Management: Our service includes managing the vulnerability assessment capabilities of Microsoft Defender ATP. We identify vulnerabilities in your system and prioritize them based on the potential impact, facilitating targeted and effective mitigation.

Proactive Threat Hunting: Our team conducts proactive threat hunting using the advanced tools provided by Microsoft Defender ATP. This allows us to identify indicators of attacks and potential threats, often before they can manifest into security incidents.

Automated Investigation and Remediation: We leverage Microsoft Defender ATP's automation features to rapidly investigate alerts and remediate threats. This automation helps minimize the time from detection to response, reducing the potential impact of threats.

Security Analytics and Reporting: We provide regular security reports and insights using Microsoft Defender ATP's analytics capabilities. This gives you a clear understanding of your security posture, threat landscape, and our team's actions to protect your environment.

Incident Management: In case of a security incident, we manage the entire process, from initial detection and investigation to containment and recovery. We provide detailed reports of the incident, actions taken, and recommendations for future prevention. Our Microsoft Defender ATP Management service assures you of comprehensive endpoint security, letting you focus on what's most important - driving your business forward.

Security Policies and Configuration: Our experts will configure the various Microsoft 365Defender services according to your specific needs and industry best practices. This includes setting up security policies, configuring alert parameters, and tuning the system for optimal protection.

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics: We utilize the behavioural analytics capabilities of Microsoft 365 Defender to identify unusual user and entity behaviours that might indicate a security threat.

End-user Training: We provide training to your staff on security best practices and how to identify and report potential security threats, fostering a culture of cyber security awareness in your organization.

Our Microsoft 365 Defender Management service ensures you have robust, comprehensive protection for your Microsoft 365 environment. You can focus on your core business operations with the assurance that your digital assets are secure.
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Management Service
Our Microsoft Endpoint Manager service, a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the management and security of your organization's devices, leveraging Microsoft's robust and versatile device management platform.

Device Enrolment and Setup: Our team handles the enrolment of new devices and sets them up with your company's necessary configurations. This includes installing requisite software, setting up user accounts, and applying security and compliance policies.

Device Management: We manage a wide range of devices including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and virtual endpoints across various operating systems. Through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we ensure that all devices adhere to your company's IT standards and policies.

Security Configuration: We leverage Microsoft Endpoint Manager's security capabilities to protect your devices. This includes setting up data encryption, managing firewall and antivirus settings, and configuring device compliance policies to ensure a secure environment.

Application Management: We oversee the distribution of applications to your devices. This includes remotely installing, updating, and uninstalling applications as well as managing application settings and permissions.

Policy and Compliance Management: Our team ensures all devices comply with your IT policies by setting up and enforcing compliance policies through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Devices not meeting compliance standards can be automatically remediated or disconnected from company resources.

Remote Troubleshooting: We provide prompt support and troubleshooting for device-related issues. Through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we can remotely diagnose and resolve problems to minimize downtime.

Reporting and Analytics:We provide regular reports on device compliance, usage, and security, utilizing the analytics capabilities of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This helps you understand your device landscape and our efforts in managing and securing it.

Our Microsoft Endpoint Manager service takes the burden of device management off your shoulders, allowing youto focus on your core business activities with the confidence that your devices are well managed and secured.
Azure Active Directory Management
Our Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) Management service, a solution crafted to modernize your identity management and enhance the security of your digital resources using Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service.

User and Group Management: Our team takes responsibility for managing users and groups in Azure AD. This includes creating, updating, and removing user accounts and groups, as well as managing user attributes and permissions.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): We facilitate seamless access to applications with Single Sign-On and enhance security with Multi-Factor Authentication, providing your users with a blend of convenience and protection.

Identity Governance: We implement identity governance strategies that include managing user identities, monitoring access rights, and maintaining audit logs. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to your digital resources.

Application Integration: We oversee the integration of your applications with Azure AD, ensuring your users can securely access and use the applications they need with their AzureAD credentials.

Conditional Access and Identity Protection: By setting up Conditional Access policies and leveraging Azure AD Identity Protection, we ensure the right people access the right resources under the right conditions, further protecting your organization from security threats.

Support and Troubleshooting: Our service includes prompt and responsive support for any issues related to Azure AD. Whether it's resolving access issues, troubleshooting synchronization problems, or assisting with password resets, our expert team is here to help.

Our Azure Active Directory Management service ensures a secure, streamlined identity management experience, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.
Microsoft Purview Compliance Management
Our Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal service, specifically designed to enhance your data governance and compliance using Microsoft's comprehensive data governance service, Microsoft Purview.

Data Cataloguing: Our team helps catalogue all your data assets across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS (Software as a Service) sources using Microsoft Purview. This ensures your data is easily discoverable, understandable, and governed.

Data Classification and Labelling: We leverage Microsoft Purview's automated data classification and labelling capabilities to identify and label sensitive information. This aids in data protection and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Management: We assist in monitoring and enforcing compliance across your data landscape. With Microsoft Purview, we can manage and monitor your data, ensuring it adheres to data protection laws and industry regulations.

Data Lineage: We utilize Microsoft Purview's data lineage features to provide visibility into your data's lifecycle. This enables better decision-making, improves data quality, and aids in regulatory compliance.

Access and Security Policy Management: We manage access and security policies for your data using Microsoft Purview. This includes setting up access controls and implementing security policies to protect sensitive information.

Insights and Reporting: We provide insights into your data landscape with detailed reports on data usage, data sensitivity, compliance status, and more. This gives you a clear view of your data governance and our efforts to manage it effectively.

Support and Troubleshooting: Our service includes prompt and responsive support for any issues related to Microsoft Purview. Whether it's managing data sources, troubleshooting classification issues, or assisting with policy management, our expert team is ready to help.

By entrusting us with your Microsoft Purview Compliance Portal management, you can focus on your core business operations with the assurance that your data governance and compliance is in competent hands.
VoIP System Management (RingCentral or Microsoft Teams)
Our Microsoft Teams or Ring Central VoIP Management service, exclusively designed to provide seamless, reliable, and efficient communication leveraging these industry-leading VoIP platforms.

Platform Specific Configuration: Our team handles the initial setup and configuration of either Microsoft Teams or Ring Central based on your choice. This includes user account setup, call settings adjustments, and customization of the system to cater to your unique communication requirements.

User Management: We administer user accounts on your chosen VoIP system, encompassing the creation, updating, or removal of users. User permissions and access rights are managed to ensure each user has the appropriate level of access.

Call and Meeting Management: We meticulously oversee functionalities like call routing, call forwarding, voicemail settings, and conference meetings, promising you a smooth, uninterrupted calling and meeting experience.

Integration Management: We integrate your selected VoIP system with other business applications for a seamless communication experience. This can range from CRM systems to email clients or other collaboration tools, tailored as per your business needs.

Security Management
: Our team is dedicated to the protection of your communications and configures security settings on your chosen VoIP system accordingly. This includes encryption settings, two-factor authentication, and controlled access.

Troubleshooting and Support: We ensure prompt support for any issues related to your Microsoft Teams or RingCentral VoIP system. Be it call quality issues, connection problems, or software glitches, our team is prepared to address them swiftly to prevent communication disruptions.

Training and Assistance: Our service includes training your staff on leveraging the VoIP system effectively. We offer guidance on making calls, setting up meetings, managing contacts, and utilizing other features of the system. Our Microsoft Teams or Ring Central VoIP Management service guarantees an efficient and secure communication experience, enabling you to concentrate on your business growth.
Penetration Testing
Our managed Penetration Testing service, a collaborative solution curated to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in your systems. We bring this service to you through strategic partnerships with leading penetration testing firms.

Strategic Partnership with Industry Leaders: Our partnerships with top-tier penetration testing firms enable us to offer you top-notch security assessments. These firms have a proven track record of detecting and helping remediate a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Penetration Testing: We organize thorough penetration tests on your networks, applications, and systems. Our partners use advanced techniques to simulate real-world attacks and identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Detailed Reporting: Following each penetration test, we provide comprehensive reports outlining the identified vulnerabilities, their potential impacts, and recommendations for remediation. This allows you to understand the security posture of your systems and the steps needed to improve it.

Remediation Guidance: Once the penetration test is complete, our team will guide you through the remediation process. We help prioritize the vulnerabilities and assist in implementing the necessary fixes to ensure your systems are secure.

Scheduling and Planning: We manage the schedule and plan of the penetration tests in a way that causes minimal disruption to your regular business operations. Whether you need periodic or on-demand testing, we arrange it according to your preferences. Regulatory

Regulatory Compliance: Our managed penetration testing service can help you meet the requirements of various industry regulations and standards that require regular security assessments.

Support and Assistance: Our expert team is here to provide you with any support or assistance you need related to the penetration tests. This includes explaining test results, answering questions, and providing advice on enhancing your security.

Our managed Penetration Testing service ensures that your systems are secure and resilient against cyber threats, giving you the confidence to focus on your core business operations.
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