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Cyber Security

Security needs are vast and it’s difficult to know where to start. We help analyse your current security and will advise and implement solutions for your business so that you can stay safe in a digital driven world.

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Cyber Security

Security needs are vast and it’s difficult to know where to start. We help analyse yourcurrent security and either advise or implement solutions for your business sothat you can stay safe in a digital driven world.

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Cyber threats are becoming more of a reality each day for all organisations. A security breach is especially threatening for your business because it can put beneficiaries at risk, disrupt operations and services, expose the organisation to liability, and tarnish your reputation.

Keeping your business safe

Businesses are becoming more aware of their security vulnerability, yet many are unsure how to move forward. So our role as a provider may involve cybersecurity education and strategy, as well as implementation dependant on your needs.

Our security service includes the management of systems and application software updates. We maintain the firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, malware protection and content filtering systems. To ensure a safe and secure environment we manage and work within the guidelines provided by Microsoft.

Reasons you may not have the security you need.

Security is too complex

While your business may not have an in-house IT department, that doesn’t mean you can’t implement comprehensive security. As a managed service provider we will radically reduce complexity while also providing strong protection.

Security is too expensive

Businesses typically spend about 15% of their budget on security or £933.44/user annually. To increase protection, you don’t need to increase the IT budget, we will help adjust how you are spending your money and we always aim to lower your outgoings.

Security is not a priority

SMBs that deal with confidential information whether they are financial, health care, or humanitarian services have the same accountability to secure data as big enterprises, so need enterprise-level protections.

Reasons why you should invest in your cyber security

Attacks are increasing in the UK

86% of UK businesses expect to see an increase in cyber attacks in 2021.

Top 3 causes of critical weakness

32% of critical weaknesses were due to outdated components. 9% were due to SQL injections and 8% were due to broken access control.

Don't become a statistic

Cyber attacks, if successful must be declared to the ICO. If your customers become aware of breaches, they may lose trust in your business. Allow us to help you take the necessary steps so that you don't become a statistic.

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