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Cyber Security

Here at ARVITENI we like to make sure our customers stay as safe as possible when it comes to the online world, threats are around every corner and to the untrained eye you could fall victim to these malicious attacks, which is why offer two services in regards to these situations, Vulnerability Management and User Education & Awareness. You can find below the packages we offer to help your mainline of defense.

Our Cyber Security Service

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is key to reduce the number of successful cyber-attacks, with this service we aim to proactively find and fix potential weaknesses in your organisation's network security. The basic goal is to apply these fixes before an attacker can use them to cause a cybersecurity breach. Our approach to vulnerability management can be defined by the below structure.

  • Discover
    Our team will analyze your infrastructure obtaining a full list of user devices, network devices and any software that may be interacting with your current infrastructure.
  • Vulnerability Prioritisation
    During this phase we will prioritise the vulnerability of your devices and software to create list of high risk vulnerabilities to a low risk.
  • Assess
    Once we have categorised the infrastructure we will begin the assessment phase where will find the vulnerabilities using pen test techniques, network scanning and AI to help us find where you may be vulnerable to threats.
  • Report
    After our team has established the vulnerabilities we will then generate and present to you a report on the current findings.
  • Remediate
    After the report is generated and the details on how to move forward have been discussed, we will then begin fixing the issues that we have found and restore safety to your business.
  • Verify
    Once the assets have been secured and verified, we will hand over your infrastructure back to you or your team and explain what changes have been made.

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