Comprehensive SharePoint Site Redesign and Secure Data Migration

Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read


Our client, a company heavily relying on SharePoint for their operations, was struggling with a poorly designed SharePoint site. The site was initially set up by a consultant lacking the necessary expertise in SharePoint design and security, which resulted in inadequate user access restrictions and potential security vulnerabilities.


The ill-structured SharePoint site posed significant issues. The lack of defined user permissions and security groups could potentially lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data. Furthermore, the improper design hampered user experience and workflow, reducing productivity and potentially compromising data security. The situation called for a complete redesign of the SharePoint site and secure data migration.


We undertook a comprehensive redesign of the SharePoint site, keeping a strong focus on security, user permissions, and a user-friendly interface. Our team first crafted a new site structure that improved navigation and access controls, ensuring a more intuitive user experience.

Next, we meticulously developed a permissions framework, establishing clear access rights for different user roles. We created security groups corresponding to these roles, each with carefully defined permissions, ensuring secure and controlled access to the site's content.

After establishing a secure and user-friendly environment, we then proceeded with data migration. Each piece of data was carefully moved from the old SharePoint site to the new one, maintaining its integrity while ensuring it was correctly mapped to the new permissions structure.


The SharePoint site redesign yielded several significant benefits:

  • Secure Access: The new permissions framework and security groups ensured that each user had access only to the data they needed, significantly improving data security.
  • Improved User Experience: The redesigned site provided a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, improving productivity and user satisfaction.
  • Efficient Data Migration: The data migration was performed securely and efficiently, ensuring that all data was successfully transferred to the new site without any loss or corruption.


Our expert redesign of the SharePoint site addressed the client's security concerns while dramatically improving the user experience. This project underscores our capabilities in SharePoint design, secure data migration, and creating efficient and secure environments for business operations.

Future Plans

We continue to provide ongoing support and further enhancements to the SharePoint site, ensuring its security, efficiency, and alignment with the client's evolving needs. With the success of this project, we are also exploring other areas within the organization where similar improvements could be implemented.

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Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read