Powering Sales Intelligence with PowerBI and Freshsales Data

Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read


Our client, utilizing Freshsales for their sales operations, sought to leverage their data more effectively to gain valuable business insights. The primary goal was to have a better understanding of sales performance, trends, and opportunities. We were tasked with setting up PowerBI, a powerful business analytics tool, to transform their Freshsales data into actionable intelligence.


While Freshsales provided a wealth of data, the client struggled to make sense of this information and translate it into strategic decision-making. They needed a solution to analyze their data efficiently, with visual dashboards for straightforward interpretation. Additionally, specific formulas were required to calculate key sales performance indicators.


Our approach consisted of three main steps:

Assessment: We started by thoroughly reviewing the client's Freshsales data, understanding the nature of the data, and determining key metrics for their business.

Requirements Analysis: We worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and desired insights, shaping the direction for dashboard design and formula creation.

Dashboard and Formula Development: Based on our findings, we designed interactive PowerBI dashboards displaying sales data in an easily digestible format. We developed formulas to calculate various sales metrics, providing the client with valuable insights into their sales performance.


The PowerBI setup yielded significant benefits for the client:

Enhanced Data Visibility: The PowerBI dashboards offered a clear and comprehensive overview of the sales data, making it easier for the client to monitor key performance indicators.

Informed Decision-Making: The formulas provided accurate calculations of critical metrics, offering the client the information they needed to make informed business decisions.

Improved Sales Intelligence: Overall, the client gained a deeper understanding of their sales performance and trends, enabling more strategic sales planning and execution.


By integrating PowerBI with Freshsales data, we were able to transform raw sales data into meaningful, actionable insights for the client. This project exemplifies our expertise in data analysis and visualization, and our commitment to empowering our clients with data-driven decision-making tools.

Future Plans

We will continue to support the client in refining their PowerBI dashboards and formulas as their business evolves. We are also exploring other areas within their operations where similar data-driven insights could be beneficial.

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Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read