Seamless Office Network Implementation for Enhanced Connectivity

Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read


Our client, operating in a large office building, was grappling with an inefficient wireless network setup. Their existing network was powered by two small Draytek Access Points (APs), each forming an independent network. This resulted in multiple SSIDs and required users to frequently switch networks as they moved around the building, causing frequent connectivity issues and undermining productivity.


The previous network setup not only led to an unstable connection with frequent dropouts but also failed to fully utilize their 100 Mbps dedicated leased line. The limited range of the two APs meant that Wi-Fi was only available in specific areas of the building, forcing employees to confine themselves to these areas for connectivity.


We introduced a modern mesh technology-based network designed to offer seamless, building-wide connectivity. This network setup consists of five strategically placed APs, which significantly expanded the Wi-Fi coverage across the building. The mesh technology allows for seamless transitions between APs, enabling users to move freely around the building without having to switch SSIDs or experience connectivity issues.


Our new network implementation yielded immediate and substantial benefits:

  • Consistent Connectivity: The mesh technology network provided a stable connection, eliminating the dropouts experienced with the previous setup. Now, users can consistently leverage the full capacity of the 100 Mbps leased line.
  • Seamless Mobility: With the network allowing for automatic transitioning between APs, employees can now move freely around the building without experiencing any connectivity issues.
  • Expanded Coverage: The use of five APs, as opposed to the previous two, meant that Wi-Fi was available throughout the building, removing the need for employees to remain in specific areas to access the network.
  • Increased Productivity: With the elimination of connectivity issues, employees can now work without interruptions, leading to a notable increase in productivity.


The new mesh technology-based network implementation has revolutionized our client's wireless connectivity, providing a steady, robust connection that fully utilizes their leased line and covers the entire office building. This upgrade has not only improved the office's wireless infrastructure but has also led to increased productivity due to fewer connectivity-related disruptions.

Future Plans

Following the success of this implementation, we are in discussions with the client to explore other areas of their IT infrastructure that could benefit from modernization, ensuring they can continue to operate at the peak of efficiency.

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Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read