Securing a Hacked Website and Increasing Uptime to 99.9% with Webflow

Alex Sais
July 11, 2023
5 min read


Our client, a mid-sized retailer, had initially chosen Wordpress as their website platform. The site was performing well and bringing in significant revenue until a series of cyber attacks resulted in the site being converted into an advertisement platform. This unauthorized alteration resulted in a significant drop in customer trust, site visits, and overall business performance.

The Problem

The cyber attacks left the business website non-functional, with hackers leveraging the platform to host unwanted online advertisements. This caused significant damage to the client's brand image, led to a decrease in customer trust, and resulted in loss of business. The client's team tried several times to restore the website, but the attacks continued. Due to the susceptibility of the website to these attacks, our client needed an urgent solution that would offer robust security against such threats and also ensure high uptime.

The Solution

After a detailed review of the client's needs and the weaknesses of their previous setup, we decided to transition the client's website from WordPress to Webflow. Webflow was chosen due to its advanced security features, ability to host sites on Amazon Web Services, and overall ease of use. The migration process was completed smoothly, and the new website was set up, retaining all essential features and functionalities of the old website.


During the migration process, we implemented the following steps:

Design and Development: Leveraged Webflow's intuitive design tools and CMS to recreate the website's look and feel, ensuring it retained its familiar interface for users.

Data Migration: Migrated essential business data and content from the old WordPress site to the new Webflow site without data loss or downtime.

Security Measures: Enabled SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, and other security features available within Webflow to secure the website against potential threats.

Site Optimization: Performed various optimizations for improving the site's load time and overall performance.


The results were astounding. Since moving to Webflow, the client's website has not experienced any hacking attempts and boasts a staggering uptime of 99.9%. The website now loads faster and is more secure, significantly improving the user experience.

Increased Security:

Since the transition, the site has been free from hacking attempts. The robust security measures offered by Webflow, coupled with the added benefit of hosting the site on AWS's secure infrastructure, have significantly minimized the risk of future security breaches.

Improved Performance:

The site's loading time improved significantly following the migration. This improved user experience led to an increase in the average time spent by users on the site, directly benefiting the client's sales and conversion rates.

High Uptime:

The most significant outcome of the migration was the high uptime - 99.9%. This meant that the client's customers could access the site at their convenience, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.


This case demonstrates the benefits of choosing the right website platform for your business needs. By transitioning our client's website to Webflow, we were able to secure their site from further cyber attacks, significantly improve site performance, and maintain an uptime of 99.9%. This ensured the client's online presence was reliable, secure, and efficient - ultimately leading to improved customer trust and business growth.

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Alex Sais
July 11, 2023
5 min read