Successful IT Audit Reporting for a Company Acquisition

Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read


Our client, a company undergoing an acquisition, needed comprehensive IT reports for an audit process. This audit was crucial to the acquisition, and the requirement was clear: a thorough, accurate, and timely audit report reflecting the state of their IT assets, security, and compliance.


Company acquisitions involve stringent audits to validate the business' value and operational integrity. A crucial part of these audits is the IT infrastructure, which encompasses data security, asset management, compliance, and system efficiency. A poorly conducted IT audit can create hurdles in the acquisition process and negatively impact the company's valuation.


We worked closely with the client to prepare for the audit. Our team conducted an extensive review of the company’s IT infrastructure, including hardware assets, software licenses, data security measures, compliance with relevant regulations, and the effectiveness of their IT support.

We created detailed reports covering each of these areas, showcasing the robustness of the client's IT infrastructure and their adherence to best practices and regulations. We ensured that the reports were accurate, clear, and provided the necessary depth of information required by the auditors.


Our comprehensive IT reports met with great success:

  • Smooth Acquisition Process: The detailed and accurate IT reports facilitated a smooth audit process, ensuring that the acquisition proceeded without any IT-related hurdles.
  • Positive Audit Outcome: The audit resulted in a positive outcome, with the auditors praising the quality, depth, and accuracy of the IT reports. This underscored the robustness and compliance of our client's IT infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Valuation: The successful audit, backed by our detailed reports, positively impacted the client's company valuation during the acquisition.


This case study highlights our expertise in conducting thorough IT audits and creating detailed, accurate reports. Our successful handling of the IT audit for this client ensured a smooth acquisition process and a positive impact on the company's valuation.

Future Plans

We continue to provide IT support to our client post-acquisition, ensuring their IT infrastructure remains robust and compliant. We are also leveraging the learnings from this successful audit process to enhance our services and support for other clients undergoing similar business transitions.

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Alex Sais
July 21, 2023
5 min read