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Cloud Backups

We’re partnered with backup solution providers to provide you with a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for your mailboxes and files stored within your file systems. Our backup service is designed to  give you peace of mind that whatever happens, your emails and files are safe.

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Cloud services

As a Cloud Reseller, we can help you identify out of the 100’s of cloud servicesthe one you need. With our industry partners we can filter out all the noiseand really help you pick the best suited service all while offering you the bestprices.

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Our backup experts understand your needs and will give you peace of mind that your data is properly backed up, you will have multiple copies to restore from, you will have a reliable backup and recovery service whilst making sure your storage costs are kept to a minimum. We'll take care of everything for you. We'll replicate and ensure that your data is safe.

Total Backups for your Microsoft 365 environment

Using our backup service, you will benefit from a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries, and endpoints. Our backup service makes it easy to back up, manage and restore all your company Microsoft 365 data.

Backups of on-premise and roaming endpoints

Any endpoint, whether at the office or anywhere around the world, can be backed up.

We Set it and you forget about it

We make sure your M365 backups take place several times per day. For endpoints, we can process backups every 1 to 24 hours.

Microsoft 365 versioning and restoration

We can retrieve any version of the file saved, specific conversations or a particluar mailbox that exists in the backup can be restored at any time.

Granular recovery of files or emails

We can recover Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive accounts and Sharepoints. These items can be restored in various ways: It can be restored to the original account, to a new account for the same user, downloaded as a zip archive or exported as PST.

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